ExCichlasoma beani in the Pond

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Jim Cumming
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ExCichlasoma beani in the Pond

Post by Jim Cumming » Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:31 pm

My 1200G pond has seven exCichlasoma beani in there ranging between 5" and 8". This is their second year in the pond and they are doing very well, and appearing to be thriving. I've been feeding them mainly on Tetra Pond Sticks, a floating stick that is quite low in protein (28%) and easily digested along with spirulina pellets. Since 'beani' are rather prone to bloat, these foods are good for them in that regard. Also the pond does provide a "low stress" environment which also helps to avoid the dreaded bloat. The temperature of the water today, July 24th is 23 C (73 F) and the water has gone from "green pea soup" to crystal clear once I put in a small UV unit. It took about 1 week to clear. Here's a brief video.

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Andy Young
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Re: ExCichlasoma beani in the Pond

Post by Andy Young » Fri Jul 26, 2013 3:26 pm

Nice video, Beani are very aggressive and difficult to keep in a tank, A personnel view is that the way to keep any cichlid is to give them the space they can maintain 'as there own'

I am sure the space afforded to the Beani in your pond makes the difference

Wish I could go down this route in the UK


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