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Paraneetroplus breidohri - One Feisty Little "Cookie"!!

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:57 pm
by Jim Cumming
Last September, I had a pair of Paraneetroplus breidohri spawn. I siphoned out some of the fry and those that were left eventually got eaten by the other fish in the tank .... all except three. These three are coming up to 9 months of age. They are incredibly slow growing and at this time they are between 2 and 3". One of these , a few weeks back attained sexual maturity (a female). She has taken on breeding coloration and is defending a small area against much larger fish, like a 10" Paraneetroplus bulleri and argentea. She has no fear and chases everything away. Here she is in action, Miss Personality Plus, all 2.5" of her, and her eye make-up on. And she's keeping time to the music. Quite a sight!! ... r_embedded