Amatitlania sp. ‘Honduran red point’

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Amatitlania sp. ‘Honduran red point’

Post by stomper160 » Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:07 pm

Does anyone keep these fish? What are they like? I was looking on Rapps site and he has them for sale. I have never kept them. I was wondering if they keep the deep blue/green in the body that is shown on the bottom of his cover page? Is that normal? Most that I have seen on the internet simply have colored fins. Do they become this colorful at a certain age? Are these just special specimens? Or are these their breeding colors?

CA cichlid dude
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Re: Amatitlania sp. ‘Honduran red point’

Post by CA cichlid dude » Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:08 pm

I have kept these Rio Danli HRP in communty and they great together. I had 3 breeding pair in a 150g w/ a few other males and females. They do get aggressive when breeding and hold their own w/ larger CA cichlids. I highly recommend keeping a group in a large tank or a breeding pair in a smaller tank. I have had males kill females. The ones Jeff Rapps has are amazing and you will love the colors.
One thing I have noticed w/ breeding pairs is that the colors aren't as nice. Males and females seem to lose thier color while spawning. Males fins will turn red/orange to blue.
Hope that helps. They are one of my favorite cichlids I have ever kept.

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