Hans-Albrecht Baensch Sept. 10, 1941-Nov. 2, 2016

To honour those people who have been highly respected and known in ichthyological and hobbyist circles.
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Hans-Albrecht Baensch Sept. 10, 1941-Nov. 2, 2016

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Not sure how this was missed.

https://www.aqualog.de/en/blog-en/hans- ... h-is-dead/
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Initially Hans Baensch worked for his father’s company Tetra and traveled practically the whole world to that end. He also took part in three expeditions to the Amazon, during which he was involved in the discovery of several new fish species. To the present day there is only a single live photo of Corydoras ornatus, one of his discoveries: the one Hans Baensch took in the field.
In 1974 his first book Kleine Seewasser-Praxis was published. Hans founded Mergus Verlag in 1977. In 1982 the first volume of the iconic Baensch series of books was published. Hans co-wrote Aquarium Atlas Vol. 1 with Rüdiger Riehl. There are now 26 books in this series.


Kleine Seewasser Praxis, 1974 (Small marine practice, 1974)

Rüdiger Riehl, Hans A. Baensch: Aquarien Atlas (I-VI), Mergus Verlag, Melle 2006, ISBN 978-3-88244-177-2 (Aquarium Atlas (I-VI), Mergus Verlag, Melle 2006, ISBN 978-3-88244-177-2)

Aquarien Atlas Fotoindex für die Bde. 1-5 und Register für Band 6, Melle, 2007 (Aquarium Atlas Photo Index for the Volumes 1-5 and Register for Volume 6, Melle, 2007)

Meerwasser Atlas Hans A. Baensch Herausgeber und Mitautor, Melle, 1992, 4. Auflage 2006, 7 Bände, Bd. 1 für Meerwasseraquarianer, Bde. 2 - 5 Wirbellose Tiere, Bde. 6 + 7 Fische aller Meere. (Marine Atlas Hans A. Baensch Publisher and co-author, Melle, 1992, 4th edition 2006, 7 volumes, Vol. 1 for aquatic aquarists, vol. 2 - 5 Invertebrates, vol.)

Gartenteich Atlas Hans A. Baensch, Lothar Seegers, Kurt Paffrath, Melle, 1992. Standardwerk für Gartenteichfreunde, Pflegehinweise für ca. 100 Kaltwasserfische im Aquarium. (Gartenteich Atlas Hans A. Baensch, Lothar Seegers, Kurt Paffrath, Melle, 1992. Standard work for garden pond friends, care instructions for approx. 100 cold water fish in the aquarium.)

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