In memoriam

To honour those people who have been highly respected and known in ichthyological and hobbyist circles.
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In memoriam

Post by Youenn » Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:16 pm

Frans Wite passed away the 12 February.
He has worked on cichlid fishes from the Mwanza Gulf on Lake Victoria during the past 30 years in Tanzania and was looking to the adaptative evolution of the Haplochromines with th upsurge of the Nile perch.
With his help, many cichlids ghave been brought from the Lake in captivity and, later, have been spread to aquarists.
I had the privilege of being initiated by him to the systematic of cichlids and he allowed me to join his team on the shore of the Mwanza Gulf in November 1990. He was with me when I caught my first Haplochromis at Anchor Island.

Thanks Frans for everything you have done, your simplicity, humility and kindness.
My sincere condolences to Els and the family. ... rans_witte

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