I'm looking for the follwoing help......

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Dan Woodland
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I'm looking for the follwoing help......

Post by Dan Woodland » Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:01 am

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for fry, around an inch or so, of the following fish.

I will be donating these fish to the Bermuda Fry Angle club for them to auction off and donate the proceeds to one of the ACA's conservation funds.

1. Vieja breidohri
2. Vieja regani
3. Vieja zonatus
4. Vieja argentea

The Bermuda club is a great group of people and they have raised a great deal of money for the ACA in the past.

Personally I'll be donating a box of fish and hopefully I can include some of the Cichlids listed above.

Contact me via E-mail, [email protected] or PM.

Thanks in advance, Dan

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