Babes In The Cichlid Hobby Auctions-ACA 2007

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Babes In The Cichlid Hobby Auctions-ACA 2007

Post by Pam Chin » Mon Jun 18, 2007 11:01 pm

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Babes In The Cichlid Hobby

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June 18, 2007

Dearest Friends:

Greetings from the Babes In The Cichlid Hobby!!

We are seeking donations for the Eighth Annual - Babes In The Cichlid Hobby Silent Auction. It will be held this year at the American Cichlid Association Annual Convention, in Sacramento, CA July 19-22, 2007.

What kind of cichlids do you like?? What is there status in the wild? Just Google© their location and then hit the news button; whether it is Lake Malawi, the Rio Negro, the Congo River System, Madagascar, or Lake Nicaragua. Here you will find the devastating news about your favorite cichlid’s eco system. All are plagued by pollution, over fishing, mineral exploitation, deforestation, hydro-electrical power projects, not to mention global warming, floods, and troubled governments.

How can you help?? What can you do?

Join your fellow cichlid enthusiasts by supporting Cichlid Research & Cichlid Conservation; together we can make a difference! The Babes In The Cichlid Hobby are asking YOU to help by donating items to our annual silent auction We can’t do it alone, but as a group, we can make difference!

If you are an Artist, draw us a picture!! If you are a photographer, donate some pictures. If you are a collector of aquarium artifacts, please donate a collectible that will help raise some money!! If you have been published, bring an extra copy and sign it for our auction. Tired of that fish jewelry, donate it!! Maybe you have old publications of aquarium literature that you could donate? It is all for a worthy cause! All of the money will go to the Guy D. Jordan Endowment Fund or the Paul V. Loiselle Conservation Fund; you pick where you want your donation to go.

Back by popular demand the Babes In The Cichlid Hobby will be conducting the Guy Jordan Endowment Fund Oral Auction. This is where rare fish are donated by the Florida Fish Farmers and hobbyists like you. If you like a fast and lively auction you won’t want to miss this event. If you have a rare species please consider donating a bag to this live auction.

Please bring your donations to the convention. If you can't make it, and you are willing to donate, PM me and we can make arrangements. And remember if you don't have anything to donate, you can always bid high on something that catches your eye or make a cash/check contribution. All donations are tax deductible.

Don’t hesitate to PM me if you have any questions or need the mailing address.

Cichlid Power!
Pam Chin
Cichlid Power!
Pam Chin

I've never met a cichlid I didn't like!

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