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2018 CAOAC Convention

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 7:41 am
by Lisachromis

2018 CAOAC Convention Holiday Inn Burlington Hotel & Conference Centre
3063 South Service rd, Burlington, Ontario L7N 3E9


Greg Steeves - "Haplochromines from the Lake Victoria Region; a CARES Perspective." and `Creatures of the Comal`
Mike Hellweg - "The Joy of Goldfish and "Cyprinids in the Aquarium"
Rick Borstein - "60 Tips in 60 Minutes" and "Collecting Goodeids in Mexico & the Goodeid Working Group Conferences"
Jeff Cardwell - "Back to Brazil Adventures on the Abacaxis 2015 discus" and "Colombia 2016 Atabapo and Beyond Search for the Altum Angelfish"
Bryan Chin "Show Guppies” Breeding Techniques “

CAOAC Show (with special killi classes!)
Betta Breeders Canada presents the IBC Sanctioned Betta Show
Trans Canada Guppy Group presents : The Great Canadian Guppy Showdown
ShrimpFever presents the All Canada Shrimp Show
2nd Canadian Biotope Aquarium Contest 2018
Large auction of tropical fish & supplies
Vendor Show Room
Saturday Banquet
CAOAC Annual General Meeting

Full Convention $100
$60 Dinner Only
$50 Speakers only