Erie Aquarium Society Fall Auction OCT. 26

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Erie Aquarium Society Fall Auction OCT. 26

Post by cupfishhead » Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:16 pm

Erie Aquarium Society is having the fall auction on Sunday October 26.
Any questions let me know. There will be several door prize food giveaways, raffles, and 50/50s

Erie Aquarium Society FALL AUCTION
Fish, Plants, & Hard Goods, Freshwater & Saltwater

Erie Scottish Rite-Valley-Erie
4701 Old Zuck Rd,
Erie, PA 16506

All Auctioned Items Must Be Aquatic Related
Proper Fish Bags Must Be Used There will be freshwater & saltwater fish!
70/30 Split With 70% Going To The Seller
You Need Not Be A Member Of An Aquarium Society To Buy Or Sell
10 Table System, After Table 3 the next table will be decided by a random drawing

Directions: Take I 90 to I 79 North, then take I 79 North to exit 180 (Interchange Rd), go West a short distance to OLD ZUCK. Go North on Old Zuck about half a mile, 4701 is on the East side of the street.
Erie Scottish Rite-Valley-Erie (814) 835-0432
For more Information please call: Russ Lasher (814) 833-0946 or
Chris Mitchell-(814) 899-8920

1. You need not be a member of an aquarium society to buy or sell.
2. After the first table, we allow express bids; there is a fee of $2.00 per item.
3. All items MUST be properly labeled with the seller's ID# (such as your initials), both common & scientific fish name (if known), the number of fish in the bag, & the sex (if known).
4. There is a limit of 5 bags of identical items per person.
5. Live items must be properly bagged. Fish should be bagged at the ratio of 1/3 water to 2/3 air. The auction committee may reject any item that does not meet these standards.
6. Double bagging is encouraged! Rebagging is the responsibility of the seller. No sandwich or zip-lock type bags will be allowed! Large fish such as Oscars, catfish, etc. should be placed in buckets or styros.
7. The auction committee reserves the right to reject any fish not fit for sale (i.e., sick or diseased fish, crossed species, badly damaged fish, etc.).
8. E.A.S. will retain 30% of the collected bid on each item auctioned.
9. The 10-table system will be used at the time of registration. After Table 3 the next table will be decided by a random drawing. The auction committee retains the right to select items for auction. Large fish in buckets and styros may be given priority.
10. All sales are cash only, unless prior arrangements have been made with the auction committee.
11. All items become the buyer's responsibility once they have been auctioned and E.A.S. assumes no responsibility after that time.
12. Unsold items should be picked up by the seller at the conclusion of the auction. Unclaimed items become the property of E.A.S.
13. Erie.Aq. Society & Erie Scottish Rite-Valley-Erie will not be responsible for any item entered for auction, nor for any personal injury that might occur during the auction or at the auction site. Parents will be held responsible for the actions/behavior of their children.
15. ALL Bidders MUST Have A Number.
Native Fishes Rule!!! Go sample some streams near you!!!
Of course Cichlids Rule Too!!!

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