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GCCA Classic 2014 - Funkin Cichlid's

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:28 pm
by scubadiver
The GCCA would like to invite any and all MFK members to our GCCA Classic which is over Memorial Day Weekend.

More information can found here (registration is now open)

Speakers so far - Anton Lamboj, Rusty Wessel, Laif Demason, Sam Borstein and potentially one more
A rare fish auction to attendees of the Classic Friday and Saturday where GCCA will bring in $$$$ of fish.
This year we will also have some pretty nice tanks up as a raffle items

Sunday's auction will be open to everyone but limited to Cichlid's only.


Re: GCCA Classic 2014 - Funkin Cichlid's

Posted: Tue May 13, 2014 12:37 pm
by scubadiver
Hope to see you guys there

Tentative list of fish for our silent auction (we will also be getting another 10 or so species from our banquet speaker Chris Biggs). The silent auction will happen Friday night and Saturday during the speaker sessions.

Copadichromis borleyi Mbenji "quadrimaculatus"
Copadichromis sp. mloto gold crest Makonde F-1
Placidochromis electra (deep water hap)
Aulonocara Ngara flametailâ„¢
Cop. virginalis yellow blaze Nkanda
Chilotilapia Euchilus
Protomelas fenestratus yellow chin
Aulonocara sp. "Stuartgranti Maleri
Cop. chrysonotus wt. blaze
Protomelas ndiwe fire blue
Paratilapia bleekeri Maralambo 1.5"
Cynotilapia afra Jaro
Cynotilapia afra white top clown
Labidochromis sp perlmutt (Euro bred)
Labidochromis Chisumulu
Pseudotropheus sp. "polit" Lions Cove
zebra gold bar Mozambique
Pseudotropheus Demasoni Pombo
Crenicichla lepidota pike 3"+
Julidochromis sp. transcriptus Zambian
Lamprologus brichardi Kipili blue face F-1
Lobochilotes labiatus 2" F-1
Frontosa Burundi 6 stripe
Tropheus brichardi Mpimbwe red cheek
Tropheus moorii Ikola yellow kaiser NICE!
Tropheus moorii Mboko yellow 1.5"
Altolamprologus compressiceps gold head Tanzania
Lamprologus ocellatus Isanga 'gold' type 1.5"