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Pls help estimate the number of fish to feed a two 3 inch peacock bass

Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 12:49 am
by ruby0321
hi i have 2 rio meta orino peacock bass in a tank they are 3 inches one is slightly bigger now i planned 2 feed them 8 molly or swordtails fries maybe 4 days to 10 days old my problem is sometimes the smaller one eats 6 and the bigger only gets 2 or sometimes its the other way around the big one gets 7 and smaller only 1 so in this situation i drop another until most of the times i drop 17-20 fishes in total per meal twice a day i just want to know if im doing right and not over feeding now i know about risk of internal parasite so i dose my feeders once a week after water change with metrodanizole and anti external parasite meds so my question is how many fishes maximum per feeding??pls help im new to peacock bass just got them last saturday they were shipped here and i made the mistake of trying to pellet train them right away and they got ich now the ich is nearly gone but i not new to cichlids i have a 300g south american community and a dovii which i pellet trained the bass i had to give up coz i was afraid what would happen due to ich i have feeders coz its what my wolf fish eats (hoplias malabaricus) any help is much appreciated thanks