Upgrading tank.

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Upgrading tank.

Post by brian.hetzel » Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:41 pm

So I have been bit by the bug and have tank fever. I have had a 20 tank with about 15 cichlids for a while now. I knew I was going to have to upgrade eventually and I stumbled spin a pretty sweet deal. I recently won a Callaway Gold club set at a work party raffle. I found a guy locally who happened to be moving and was willing to trade his complete 110 gallon saltwater Visio Tank. It was up and running when I went to pick it up. It came with an LED light full sump setup with Eshopps Protien skimmer multiple power heads by Hydor, all the coral and rock fish and all sorts of extras.

I am obviously going to convert it to freshwater because...well let's face it, cichlids are the best fish on the planet. :D

Anyways I gave my fish guy all the fish and coral but keptall the rock and sand. I asked him about setting the new tank up and was telling him I was going to get rid of the rock and he told me that I can use the rock and the sand that came in the tank. (I transported it with about 10 gallons of water and about 100 pounds of sand. It took 6 guys to load in my truck.)

My question is has anyone else used rock from a saltwater tank with cichlids?

Also the tank came with a sump but it was under the tank in a home made stand and it is a bit wider than the tank and won't fit under the tank stand that actually is the correct size for tank. Having said that should I stick with the sump setup (in a smaller size) or go with a canister setup?

Sorry for rambling but I'm excited and I'm sure there will be more "long" posts to come.


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Re: Upgrading tank.

Post by Mike Wise » Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:45 pm

It would help to know what kind of cichlids you plan to keep in the tank.

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