This section deals with all aspects of the 'newbie' cichlid aquarist. For questions about tanks, water parameters, food, types of cichlids, and what other fish can be kept with them.

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Post by stone » Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:33 am

Hi all:) This looks like an awesome site and very active.

Anyway, much to my surprise, I ended up with a 30 gallon aquarium yesterday. It's been years since I've kept fish but this is my "Christmas present" to me this year. I grew up in a fish family, both deep sea fishing family and our house was full of aquariums from 29 to 150 gal. Where there was a solid dresser etc in any room - it had a tank on top:) I sold my first Convict fry to a pet store when I was 9 years old. Have not had a tank for 15 years, last one was natural salt water when I lived in the keys.

Anyway, I've spent hours and hours looking for what I want for this tank and have "thought" myself into a corner. I know you guys will know what I'm talking about when you're setting up a tank... It's so important to make the right choice. Also, I am a senior now so I want a lower maintenance tank. This one's set up 2 feet away from a low window so water changes/tank cleaning will be a breeze.

I've been thru the beautiful harmony tanks and the tanks where I end up with one very large fat rather pleased looking Cichlid and I don't want to go thru that again. I tried single type Cichlids to try to avoid paring up but dang.. male/female unrelated will try to pair up and cause the same problems.

Any suggestions? I would like to have 3 fish in my 30 gallon and eventually a Pleco when the tank gets seasoned enough. I don't want to end up with one fish again because he killed all the rest. I'm pretty good at providing habitat so don't need beginner tank setup stuff.... just help on the fish please...looked at GB Rams but I guess they've been bred to crap?

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Post by deeda » Wed Dec 07, 2016 1:12 pm

Welcome to the forum!

What are the dimensions of your 30G tank?

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