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Hikari Bio-Gold not being eaten

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:56 am
by harishrd
Dear Friends,
We bought a small ~2 inch flowerhorn ~ 10 days back. Initially the shop owner had provided some food "super humpy head" which the fish readily eats 2-3 pellets per feed , two feeds per day. After being excited on having a good colored flowerhorn we browsed the net and found that Hikari Cichlid Bio-gold is a good feed for flowerhorn. We procured the same via Ebay and have tried to feed the fish. It is just not eating it. The feed is expensive and supposed to be the best in the market. It later readily took its regular "super humpy head". Pls advice how to acclimatize the fish to take this new feed. Also just one query there seems to be some reddening around its nostril could it be high ammonia? We give it a partial change every 3-4 days. Checked the pH with pH paper and its neutral but dont have and cant afford ammonia meter. Also this reddening has been there for the past five days so it does not have to do anything with the new feed. Can it be because of globeling of the medium sized pellets??