Yes finally!!!

A place to discuss the wonderful assemblage of lake Tanganyika cichlids from the tribe Ectodini, like Callochromis, Xenotilapia, Enantiopus, Cyathopharynx and Ophthalmotilapia!

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Yes finally!!!

Post by heathermarie2842 » Mon Oct 13, 2014 9:36 am

Have been cycling this 29 gallon tank a 30 gallon filter and the whisper filter that comes with the kit! My multi's are coming in the mail soon !
Was wondering a few things though...
Do they like bubbles?
Do they dig plants up?
Do they use rocks at all?
Even swim through?
Do they get along with any other fish?
How many can I fit?
Breeding and telling male from female?
I've been doing research on the ph and shells but I just was wondering if anyone can help answer any of these or have any advice on them for a newbie (: !!!

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Re: Yes finally!!!

Post by coenb » Fri Oct 24, 2014 3:54 am

If you've bought L. multifasciatus then they will keep away from plants. If you want them to thrive give them neothauma shells! They will like it a lot and they will give you plenty of action and young fish :D

Rocks are not necessary (if you have shells), but can be used for "landscaping".

What are the dimensions of your aquarium?


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