Xenotilapia rotundiventralis

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Xenotilapia rotundiventralis

Post by Multi » Thu Apr 19, 2012 12:49 pm


Finally I got my Xenotilapia rotundiventralis. I found them in a place in Germany in January this year, and finally they arrived at my house at April 17 2012. There is so little information about this species on the internet, so I would hear if there is anyone others there have them? It is a very nice species. :)
They all survived the shipment from Germany to Denmark, so now I have 20 of them swimming around in my 360 liters aquarium in the basement. They are so fine.

When they arrived, they had some dark markings all around the body, but they don’t have it any more. Sometimes a little bit at night, but otherwise they are silver with these beautiful blue and shiny dots or stripes, down along the side of the body. They were pretty shy when they arrived, but they quickly lost some of their skittish behavior, and I am surprised how little shy they are now. 19 of them are swimming around near the front of the aquarium, a little bit above the sand bottom, and sometimes one of them swims down to take mouthful of sand, but they are not sandshifting a lot. They all swim together, but a single fish have chosen to be under a large rock in the aquarium. If I take a finger to the glass, in front of where the fish is, it raises all the fins, and tries to chase me away. :) Why do you think that it does that? It doesn’t look sick, but I also think that it can’t already have found a territory that it protects so strongly?

I think that they feel more and more like “home”. Today some of them were displaying to each others, and it was beautiful to see how shiny they became when they did that. I hope that I have both males and females, but I think I have. When I have 20 of them, there may be fish of both sexes between. :) Also, some of the fish there are displaying too each others may be males I think, and when they arrived, one of the fishes hold 3 eggs. Unfortunately, it lost them, before it was putted in the aquarium.

I think I will write about some of my experiences with this species, when there is so little information about it. There is another topic on this site I have been very glad for, so I think that I maybe could start a similar thread. So you all may write if you have any experiences with it. :)

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Re: Xenotilapia rotundiventralis

Post by MGSNK » Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:00 am

They are bi-parental mouthbreeders, i've kept them for quite some time. That might be the reason that the animal has taken a territory.
The fry are very hard to spot though.

I've written an extensive review in English, in the Polish Tanganyika Magazyn, and there is a Dutch written review from me on www.tanganyika.nl

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