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Post by Fishmanskippy » Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:47 pm

Hi everyone,
I had to install a water treatment unit for my whole house. The water goes through a salt ion exchange unit and now my water is soft. I have well water and had it tested and it was not fit to drink and when I did a water change on my tanks I would lose fish. The company installed a $3400 water system and the water tastes and smells great. The water coming out of the well smells like rotten eggs.
Question 1. How do I harden my water up. I was thinking of using baking soda and Magnesium sulfate (Epson Salt) to harden the water back up.
I am keeping mostly African Cichlids and three tanks of apisto's.

Question 2. Will this water hurt my apisto's if I use it straight from the sink?
When I test my water now it shows very soft water as gH, but when I do kH it reads very high 16 dH.

Any help would would be appreciated
I have been keeping and breeding fish for over 50 years so I know a little about fish.


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