Newb with an Eclipse 12

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Newb with an Eclipse 12

Post by Tim_In_NYC » Thu Dec 30, 2004 10:29 am

Greedings fish folks,

Looking for a little wisdom here from the experts.

My setup, which I got online this past sunday:

Eclipse 12 system with a mixture of natural color (tan) fine gravel and small stones. I have 2 smallish "donut" shaped hollowed rocks and one decent sized elongated volcanic rock with a good sized hole in it, so I have good cave habitat. I have no live plants because the guy at the fish store said the fish would eat them. Is this right?

Yesterday I introduced 4 African cichlids. If anyone could tell me where these fish come from and a little about them I'd be obliged:

Frontosa, white with black bars. Great fish. beautiful, smart, active, pretty aggressive, although he does not seem to bite, just chases. about 2 inches long.

Duboisi, black with white spots and an ochre band. Another very nice fish, looks vaguely oscarish, but not so beefy. Not aggressive. Avoids the Frontosa. Slightly smaller than the F.

Brichardi, beige brown with white tips. Slim, gracefully finned, streamlined, fast swimmer, very active, responds to food very quickly and shoots around getting as much food as it can. Not all that concerned with the Frontosa, quick enough to stay away from it with little effort. about the same size, length wise anyway, as the Duboisi.

I also had a spotted pufer which was on the bottom last night and dead this morning. :cry:

I am feeding them with Tetra cichlid flakes. Is there a preferable food?

The guy at the store told me to raise the PH for these fish, but to wait until Saturday... I have the PH raiser.

Can I add another fish to this tank comfortably?

Do the Frontosa and the Duboisi like live food like feeder guppies?

Is there any additive (other than stress coat) I should consider adding to the water?

Any info or advice anyone could give me would be appreciated.



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Post by Lisachromis » Fri Dec 31, 2004 1:06 pm

Wow. Where to begin....

An Eclipse 12 is only a 12 gallon tank. This is nowhere near big enough for 4 African cichlids (except shelldwellers of course).

I do have to congratulate you on picking all Lake Tanganyika cichlids (now that the puffer is gone anyways). That makes things easier in a way. They are very nice fish, but get way too big and aggressive to live for long in your 12 gallon tank.

The front alone might make a hefty sized 12"+ fish by himself. The duboisi does best in somewhat largish groups (8 or more). They get approx 5". The spots will disappear as he grows up. He'll keep the band. The brichardi will get about 4".
Most Lake Tanganyika cichlids would be ok with plants. They also like hard water. Sometimes that's tough on some live plants (depends on species). Cichlid flakes is ok for a diet, though you may want to add a little variety to this later. If you really like these fish, you better start saving up some money because you'll need a large tank for the Front.
It might be easier for you if you brought these fish back to the store since they won't work out in the 12g for very long. Also, the fish you have have two differing diet requirements. What's good for one, will kill the other eventually. The tropheus duboisi needs a high vegetable content for their diet and the front loves meat. Too much meat will cause the tropheus to get bloat. They often die from bloat since by the time they show the symptoms of it, it's too late. I would suggest staying away from feeder fish. They are notorious for introducing disease into your tank.

This is a very basic reply to your questions, but you'll need to decide what you are going to do with your fish before I really get into details on them if you decide you will try to keep them.

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