What is wrong?

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What is wrong?

Post by stubedoo » Thu Sep 30, 2004 12:44 pm

Hi, this is my first time on this board. I have been keeping africans for about a year now, so I'm fairly new with a lot still to learn. My situation is this, I have a 40 gallon Mbuna tank and three of the species in this tank have spawned but the females won't hold the eggs for more than three days. This started about five months ago after I treated the tank with Desifin for a bacterial infection problem. I know the tank is also a little overcrowded, but the fish seem to be healthy. Have you ever heard of Desifin causing your fish to become sterile, I know if the eggs aren't fertile the female will either spit or swallow them after about four days. I do 25% water changes every saterday. The three species are as follows. P. Elongatus(Likoma Island), P. Demasoni, and A. Latisfasciatus. I know the Lats aren't Mbuna, I'm in the process of setting up another 55 for the Mbuna leaving the Haps. and Lats. in the fourty. The list of fish in the fourty right now is this, A. Stuartgranti(red shouldered), A. Latisfasciatus, P. Demasoni, L. Cearalus. P. Estherea, S. Multipunctatis, S. Brichardi, Two Plecostamus, and 1 Clown Loach. Any advice that you can give would be very much appreciated. My female yellow lab is holding right now for two days, I'm keeping a log of her progress with entries at every feeding, twice per day, Spirulina only.

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What is wrong

Post by Willy » Wed Nov 24, 2004 1:11 pm

First things first:Repair the overcrowd,sell them or give them away!
Second:You shouln't grap to fast to chemicals or medicin!
Bring up the temperature with some degrees and wait to see what happens.
Your weekly waterchanges are very important(for every kind of fish,i cannot say this enough!).
When all of this doesn't work,then try to catch the sick fish out,and give them proper threatment in a seperate tank.
This way you don't stress your other fish and the usefull bacterias in your filtersystem.
Maybe the females are to strssed and "think" the overcrowded inviroment(good English?) is not the good place to have baby's,you must try.
There is a couple here in Holland,who have an extra part at their Tanganjika-tank(FamTijsseling)called the balconny,where the motherfish with eggs can hide and let out their young,this is a system,but i know,this is not possible for everyone.
This is extra added to their Tanganjika-tank on the left side.
I think that when you catch out the fish that make the overcrowding,then things will maybe go better,.
Don't forget that a lot of fish don't have experience and that they will have young later,after several attempts.
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Post by stubedoo » Wed Nov 24, 2004 2:44 pm

I understand what you are saying about the medication, however I had a bacterial infection in the tank that was starting to cause skin lesions on some of the fish. I have since seperated the fish out into more tanks, 40, 55, and 110. But still no luck with spawning. I guess time will tell.

Thanks for the help, Mark

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