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BCA Convention

Post by James Shingler » Wed Nov 15, 2006 8:36 am


B.C.A Spring Convention 2007.


The British Cichlid Association

Spring Convention 2007

will be held on Sunday 25th March 2007

at the University of Hull.

Guest speaker

Ad Konings

who will be giving two talks, one on Rift Valley and one

on Central American cichlids.

BCA Sales will be present with a wide selection of books,

CDs, & DVDs on cichlids and catfishes at discounted prices

Auction - Raffle - Refreshments

Ample free parking on site

For further details email [email protected] or [email protected], or


About the speaker

Ad Konings, a Dutchman by birth but now living in El Paso, USA, is probably the best known writer of books on cichlids in the aquarium hobby today, and is also responsible for the scientific descriptions of a number of cichlid species and other scientific work. He is also an exceptional photographer, illustrating his published work and lectures with his own photographs, many of them taken underwater in the natural habitat. He regularly visits Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika to further his researches, as well as heading south from Texas to study Central American species, and travels the world giving lectures on cichlids from these regions.
He has been guest speaker at a number of previous BCA Conventions, and we are delighted to be able to welcome him back. BCA Sales will have the full range of his in-print books on sale at the meeting, and we hope that Ad will be willing to autograph any copies purchased on the day.

Thank you Lisa for giving permision to post this here :D

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