'Worlds Apart': Paraneetroplus breidohri and Paretroplus me

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'Worlds Apart': Paraneetroplus breidohri and Paretroplus me

Post by Jim Cumming » Fri Nov 28, 2014 4:01 pm

Despite coming from opposite sides of the world, these two species, by chance, ended up in the same aquarium. In other posts, I mentioned that these 'feeder' breidohri escaped being eaten in one of my Madagascar cichlid tanks, and have, in fact been thriving in there. Their presence has not discouraged my resident 'menarambo' pair from doing some procreating of their own. Despite some mild confrontation, they seem to be respecting one anothers' "turf" so to speak. Here is the scene. Keep in mind, too that there are eight adult Paratilapia polleni 'Fony' that are managing to keep their distance from these defending pairs.
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