Bolivian ram vs German blue ram

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Bolivian ram vs German blue ram

Post by aljaz123456789 » Mon Feb 24, 2014 3:32 pm

I am setting upa 15g tank(not tall) and since it basically has the same foot print as a 20g tall and i was thinking a pair of german blue rams or Bolivian rams with no other fish(a male and female) but now i dont know should i get Br since they are hardier then GBR but also get bigger or GBR witch are smaller and have better colors but from what i know they can be pretty sensitive + they ned lover PH and water hardness.

What are your opinions my ph (7.6) so i don"t know i"ve also heard about peat for lowering ph but it makes the water brown witch i dont like.

What do you think BR or GBR considering my ph is on the high side and how to lower ph without peat??

Mike Wise
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Re: Bolivian ram vs German blue ram

Post by Mike Wise » Mon Mar 03, 2014 11:20 am

A pair of either species should be fine in a 20High tank. Bolivian Rams tend to be more hardy and will adapt to your pH better than Orinoco Rams. If you are thinking of breeding, then Bolivian Rams are harder to sex until fully mature. Orinoco Rams can also live in slightly alkaline water, like yours, but not breed as easily. They need higher temperatures, above 82°F/28°C. At lower temperatures they tend to be much more susceptible to diseases.

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