Tropheus Tank????

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Robert George
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Tropheus Tank????

Post by Robert George » Thu Jan 20, 2005 2:33 pm

I recieved 12 tropheus red rainbow's about 6 months ago to start a colony in a 75 gal. tank. I have lost a couple due to aggression and have pulled out three others and placed in different tanks to recover. I'm now thinking that 12 was too few fish to start with and I know I cannot bring the removed fish back into the tank. I would guess that it is too late to add new young fish to the mix, so how about a community tank? Would I be able to break the them into two groups and add some other fish or would they still be lots of internal aggression? Also, what other fish might be good tank mates.
Robert George
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Pam Chin
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Post by Pam Chin » Mon Jan 24, 2005 11:01 pm

Hi Robert,

I love the Red Rainbow! It is such a nice looking Tropheus.

I think it is best to keep them in species only tanks, and I like to start with a bigger group. But, you can merge groups together, although it can be a little bit hard, I hate to see you give up. When you have a larger group it is much harder for one to get singled out. As long as the fish are young juveniles(1.5 - 2") and not fry, I have been able to be make it work. However I usually move both groups in to a "new" tank at the same time. Also consider moving the smaller ones in to the new tank first and then in a week or so add the others, this seems to work for some people.

It seem all like all hell breaks loose when you try to add new fish to an established tank. So doing a major remodel on landscaping and a major water change at the same time, can also confuse them enough, to where everyone has to establish a new territory.

By observing your fish, you can tell who is running the group, and sometimes removing the dominate male for a time out is better then having to move beat up fish and trying to re-introduce them in to the group.

Mixing Tropheus with other species from Tanganyika can be tough; the diet and the aggression is the main concern.

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Post by dirk » Thu Jan 27, 2005 11:53 am

maybe you can decide to move to a bigger tank. And as said put the smaller first and after some time the fish from your current tank. At the same time you can use the 75 for breeding tank.

12 Tropheus is a little too much in a 75 tank. At 8 they should be oke.

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Post by Tim_In_NYC » Wed Mar 09, 2005 3:50 pm

12 Tropheus is a little too much in a 75 tank. At 8 they should be oke


I respectfully submit that this is bad advice.

If anything you want more to distribute aggression.

Do 1, or 15 or more; you are best advised to introduce a colony of 18-20 juveniles to start with, all at the same time. Less, and your looking for trouble.


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Post by Barbie » Sat Mar 12, 2005 1:29 am

I'd have to agree here. 15 tropheus would give you a much better chance of spreading out aggression. The 15 ilangi managed to off one through aggression related issues in their 75 gallon, but the rest of the colony was quite content, long term. As long as you're keeping up on tank maintenance, you should have no problem adding 3 or 4 new tropheus and the 3 that have been recently removed, IMO. Just make sure you redcorate heavily, feed, do a large water change, and offer a small prayer ;). They should be fine!


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James Shingler
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Post by James Shingler » Mon Sep 25, 2006 10:10 pm

The poor originator had 12 already at what size? If they were small enough (under 3 inches) then yes get a nice big tank of at least 90 gallons pref more. Get 12 or more more (exact size match not esential) from a good source I think it has to be at least the same greater number than your more established fish. Move them both in together at night to the new tank. Turn off the lights.

It would not be quite as peaceful as starting with a group of 24 that already know each other but it may have been the best bet.

Another option was to give away the 12 to be sold to the unwary and start again with a bigger number.

This post is way to late to help the poor originator. I wonder how it went for them?

I wonder who advised that 12 would be enough in the first place. Unfortunatly I know of a few web sites that do give this advice

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Re: Tropheus Tank????

Post by trophs » Sat Oct 12, 2013 1:06 pm

hey I see you're in Bham...I'm looking for a tropheus breeder. Do you sell your fish at all?

LI Fishin Gal
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Re: Tropheus Tank????

Post by LI Fishin Gal » Sun Apr 19, 2015 2:57 pm

Also another tip is to make sure they are well fed and add the newcomers at night when lights are off after u rearrange the tank and addsome more decor. this has always worked for me when i had a salt tank and now with my mbuna tank. You can try it with Tropheus. good Luck.

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