Tropheus Kalambo Golden Ob

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Tropheus Kalambo Golden Ob

Post by Gio2011 » Wed Dec 27, 2017 8:07 am

Hello everyone, I write from Italy.
A few days ago I bought 10 tropheus kalambo. They are children of a trio of mutated (OB) and very yellow adults. The adults in question arrive from Sweden, passing through France.
Is it possible to predict in what percentage the OB will be transmitted to my young?

Thanks so much

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Re: Tropheus Kalambo Golden Ob

Post by Benthic » Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:38 pm

I was hoping someone with real world experience concerning this morph would jump in by now, but here is what I know concerning this morph:

This basic information comes from Ad Konings "Cichlid Year Book vol. 5" (1996) so there might be more up to date info out there. This is considered a xanthic morph and is a bit different that your typical Malawian OB morph. Toby Veall, at his lakeside facility tried to isolate this recessive gene for years. Things were made difficult because the OB specimen that he caught were few and far between and their offspring had to be near maturity to determine if they really were OBs. They highlight the fact that there are different level of blotching as well, with some specimen being more of a "golden OB" and others having a more bland brown blotching. In their sizable breeding project they struggled to get up to 10% of offspring with blotching.

If someone has continued to develop this OB morph they may have isolated the gene so that more than 10% is OB by now, but do to the combination of OB and standard parents you have I would guess that your offspring would have less than 10% OB patterning.

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