Two Established Tropheus Troops

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Two Established Tropheus Troops

Post by tropheus4ever » Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:10 pm

We have two Tropheus Tanks a 60 Gallon Tank and a 45 Gallon Tank. The 60 Gallon has Golden FireFox Tropheus and a Orange Flame. I started the tank with 8 juvenille Golden FireFox Tropheus and a Juvenille Orange Flame. The Golden FireFox have reproduced and there are now so many Golden FireFox Tropheus in the Tank I cannot count them. The 45 Gallon Tank has 5 Moliro Tropheus (Kachese) and 2 Orange Flames. These Tropheus were introduced at the same time as juvinelles. The Moliro Tropheus have reproduced but the fry only lived for 2 weeks. We have a "Cycled" 120 Gallon Tank; there are Malawi Cichlids living in it at the moment. We would like to introduce both Troops into the 120 Gallon Tank at the same time and make it a Tropheus Tank "Exclusively". My concern is that I heard that once a Tropheus Tank has established its Troop you cannot introduce any other Tropheus to the tank, the existing Troop will kill the Tropheus that is not part of their established Troop. I have never added any Tropheus to our Established Tropheus Tanks so I do not know if this is fact or fiction. Since the 120 Gallon Tank is a Neutral Tank can both Troops be introduced to the 120 Gallon Tank and form One Troop or will one "Respective Troop" try to destroy the other "Respective Troop"?

Hope someone has an answer - Thanks, Tropheus4ever :}
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Re: Two Established Tropheus Troops

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Hi there,

in general, you should have no problem whatsoever introducing different Tropheus species in a new tank at the same time. In case you can't introduce them at the same time, try introducing the smaller or less numerous group first and then the group with larger specimens or being more numerous.
What you should be more concerned with is not to overfeed them until they settle down in a new environment as they are likely to be quite stressed and susceptible to bloat.

Never introduce a new group of the same or similar size to the one that you already have in the aquarium unless you are very experienced. With Tropheus of less than 2" (5cm) in size you can do whatever you want as they are not really lethal as youngsters, but also you need to know what you are doing. :wink:

p.s. with Tropheus there are no strict rules so exceptions may occur. Keep your eyes open and take good care of them.
Alex Zonic

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