New records of freshwater fish for Uruguay.

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New records of freshwater fish for Uruguay.

Post by Bojan Dolenc » Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:46 am

Zarucki, M., González-Bergonzoni, I., Teixeira-de-Mello, F., Duarte, A., Serra, S., Quintans, F. & Loureiro, M. (2010). New records of freshwater fish for Uruguay. Check List. 6 (2): 191-194.

Based on National Collections records, this article presents the first report of eight freshwater fish species for Uruguay in the middle and lower Uruguay River basin, extending their current distribution: Cyanocharax alegretensis Malabarba and Weitzman, 2003; Leporinus lacustris Amaral Campos, 1945; Microglanis aff. eurystoma Malabarba and Mahler, 1998; Tatia boemia Koch and Reis, 1996; Lepthoplosternum pectorale (Boulenger, 1895); Crenicichla missioneira Lucena and Kullander, 1992; C. minuano Lucena and Kullander, 1992; Apistogramma borellii (Regan, 1906). These species were previously recorded either for upper Uruguay River or Paraná River.

Download the paper here >

This is the first record of A. borellii from the middle and lower Rio Uruguay (previously recorded in the Rio Paraná in 2005).
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