Rare Madagascans available free in the UK.

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Rare Madagascans available free in the UK.

Post by Tom Williams » Thu Sep 07, 2006 3:25 am

Rare and stunning Madagascan cichlids available free

Ad Description

I have a substantial number of Ptychochromis Oligacanthus var Nossibeensis available. They are around and inch lond and ready to rehome in the next couple of weeks (born July 2006 from F1 parents).

They originate from lake Bembazava on Nosy Be and turn into beautiful blue adults spotted with gold, blue and red fins as this link shows.

http://www.madagascarfish.org/Animated% ... nthus.html

(these are not the actual fish)

The adults reach around 8 inches and are relatively peaceful. They are also very long lived and easily become hand tamed.

This is your chance to keep an extremely endangered yet fairly hardy cichlid and help save the cichldis of Madagascar.

I also have a very small number of Ptychochromoides nov. sp. Mangarahara available also for free. Born June 2006 these are possibly the rarest cichlid in the world. Again they are hardy if a little aggressive. See picture in link

http://www.madagascarfish.org/Animated% ... ahara.html

(these are not the actual fish)

If interested i need an undertaken that they will not be sold or used for gain and you will be willing to return them to me if you no longer wish to keep them. Any offspring must be offered to zoos or other like minded hobbyists. These have been listed by FAITAG as the number 3 concern fish from Madagascar hence the conditions.

PM me for more info

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