14 DVDs added to the library!

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14 DVDs added to the library!

Post by TheFishGuy » Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:40 pm

Here's a list of New DVD's that will be added to the library in February!

Feb 2016, Dr. Ron Oldfield "Herichthys Cichlids Introduced in the US"
March 2016, Sam Borstein "The Lake Victoria Extinction"
April 2016, Ray Lucas, Talking about stuff!
May 2016, Chris Biggs “The Florida Experience: A Nerd’s-Eye View”
June 2016, Larry Johnson "Lake Malawi"
August 2016, Rob McClure "An Overview of Spawning, Husbandry & Raising of Corydoradinae Fish"
September 2016, Dr. Tom Waltzek “Diseases of Cichlid Fishes”
October 2016, Jonathan Strazinsky "Managing Aggression"
November 2016, Jim Cummins “Cichlids of Madagascar"

Adrian Indermaur: "Fishes of Lake Tanganiyika's Affluent Rivers"
"Cichlids of the Cameroonian Crater Lakes"

Ingo Seidel: "Breeding Loracariid Catfishes" "Corydoras Catfishes - Species, Keeping and Breeding

January 2017, Jeremy Basch:
“An Introduction to the Woodcatfish and the First Spawning Report of the Jaguar Catfish”

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