silent nights

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silent nights

Post by liamoi » Wed Mar 29, 2006 2:18 pm

I need a new pump for my under tank sump filter. I want it too be as quiet as possible. Any idea as to which model/makes are the quietest!? Also do you have any tips on ways to futher reduce the noise of the sump/filter when running!!!
cheers for any advice you can give me!!!

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Post by MatsP » Thu Mar 30, 2006 3:46 am

I've always found Eheim to make good pumps - but I haven't used a sump filter, so I can't say if they are good for this purpose or not... I think that's what my LFS is using for their setup tho', but they are probably not worried about noise ;-)


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Marco Arroyo
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Post by Marco Arroyo » Thu Jul 13, 2006 12:03 pm

You can try any Magdrive pump, they are very hardy and of course, have a great quality, greetings

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Post by dstuer » Thu Jul 13, 2006 12:25 pm

I like Mag Drive too, had the MD 1200 in the sump for my 150 gal for over 12 years and only bought a new impeller 2 years ago. Only other maintenence is if a snail or piece of sand or gravel lodges in the impeller of plastic thread from a filter pad ravels around the impeller shaft.

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