price quote on this?

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price quote on this?

Post by grayishtuna6 » Sun Sep 08, 2013 12:48 pm

I am not sure if this question is allowed to be posted here since I am new, but I live on adrenaline rushes and on the edge of danger so I will post it anyway.

I have a 55G long and a nice stand, well, to me it is nice. I will try to attach pictures. My stand is about 3.5-4 feet tall and very ornate. It is made of wood but is painted a granite design and looks like real granite. The filter is a Filstar XP L - Formerly Rena Filstar XP3 - (350 GPH - Up to 175 Gallons) and the tank is a 55G long with not very many decorations. So my question is, "How much should I ask for this?" I am looking to upgrade and have had this stand for years, getting kinda tired of it and want something bigger and new. Any money I get from this sale will go towards a 125+ tank and I'm actually planning on making my own stand. Any advice how much I should post all this for?

One last question is if I should include the filter, I mean, it works great and is for a 175 Gallon, should I just keep it or sell it with everything else? Any advice helps! Thank you so much!

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Re: price quote on this?

Post by Lisachromis » Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:58 pm

I am going to assume that you're asking to figure out fair market value and not actually offering it here for sale. :shock:

You'll need to let people know an approximate area of where you live, since I assume price is dependent on this.

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