Treatment feedback/suggestions needed

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Treatment feedback/suggestions needed

Post by toby » Sun Sep 27, 2015 3:16 pm

6 ex-cichlasoma atromaculatum
6 ex-cichlasoma gephyrum
Purchased in April at around 2" size, wild caught fish
Housed in a 75 until Aug 1 with no issues
Aug 1 transferred to a 72 x 30 footprint tank with 3 catfish that were housed with them in the 75
New substrate used but mesh bags of old substrate immersed in new tank for 3 weeks
Same decorations used
Filtration - moved Eheim 2075 and 2217 over from 75G and added a Eheim 2080 - 3 filters currently running
Water parameters pH 7.8. about 380ppm. Well water.
Temp 79-80
Nitrates usually at around 10, everything else 0.
Water changes every 3 days ~ 30% - was doing same on 75G.
Fish are slow growers so still small.
No real aggression at this point although a little chasing which is normal.

So after transfer to new tank Aug 1, 3 weeks later, Aug 21, noticed 2 fish not eating.
Figured maybe some aggression, new surroundings, so I'll wait it out and observe.
Aug 27, I fed NLS Hex Shield 2x/days for 3 days - contains metro and Epsom salt. All but the 2 not eating ate at every feeding.
Started daily water changes of 25%.

Treatments started on main tank.
Sept 7 treated with General Cure (250 mg metro and 75mg praziquantel per sachet) as per label (1 sachet per 10G)
Sept 9 General Cure as per label, no WC in between as per label
Sept 11 metroplex as per label (although treated daily not every 2nd day) with WC - using 2 measures/10G or 250mg
Sept 12 metroplex as per label with WC
Sept 13 metroplex as per label with WC

2 fish still not eating - stopped treatment
Thought possibly bacterial involvement

Sept 19 - Kanaplex as per label
Sept 21 as per label
Sept 23 as per label.

No change with the 2 still not eating.

Thoughts from here, anybody?

Some white stringy feces from 1 of the fish, sometimes hanging.
Other than that, no bloating bodies, nothing visual except a slight change in coloration - 1 lighter and 1 darker.
One of the affected fish has been flashing against the substrate and plastic plants, hence thinking parasites??.
After 1 month I feel if I was dealing with bloat/hex I would have seen some more serious signs/death at this point.

I am thinking of treating with Prazi Pro and also restarting a 7 day treatment with metroplex??
Any thoughts??
Metro daily?? or as per the 2 day schedule per label??

Or go with clout??

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Treatment feedback/suggestions needed

Post by conway-l.stevens » Fri Mar 04, 2016 4:40 pm

Water based dosed medications are very hard to get to cure internal issues for fish. Chances are your dealing with an internal parasite issue that is hexamita or a different nematode or trematoade issue. The feish if not eating wont take in any medications either. Sometimes you have to pipette in a treatment to get them to get the medication. Its not anything bacterial by the sounds of it so Kanaplex wont matter. You may have luck with a stronger dose method of metronidazole. Outside of that there are other orally dosed meds that may help. But Clout is very powerful. Be careful. Remember freshwater fish dont drink the water. we need the meds to get into the gut. Maybe Clout MIGHT work. but if it doesnt it means for sure the fish need orally dosed treatment.

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