Multiple Tomocichla Sieboldii with open sores?

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Rich Kastor
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Multiple Tomocichla Sieboldii with open sores?

Post by Rich Kastor » Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:41 pm

I have a group of Sieboldii almost a year old. 7 to be exact. I have 3 which have an open sore on their side. Less than a month ago I had a male who showed the same sore. I quaranteened him in a 20 gallon, treated with melafix, and water changes. He was not eating and died a few days after. I now have two in quaranteen treating with melafix. They are eating. It has only been a couple days so I have not seen the improvement yet. I have included a picture. Does it look treatable? Could it be genetic, water, food etc. ?

The group is in a 75 gallon along with a pair of Paratalipia Andapa 6"M and 4"F. They are serving as dithers and do a great job. I do weekly water changes if not more often. I do have well water which is soft. I do not test my water as I am maintaining my tanks on a regular basis. Temperature 79 degrees. They are fed a variety of food: tetra jumbo sticks, floating pellets, freeze dried krill, and flakes. No frozen or live food.

Just looking for suggestions or keep doing what I am doing. Thank you


Dan Woodland
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Re: Multiple Tomocichla Sieboldii with open sores?

Post by Dan Woodland » Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:22 pm


Someone else here had that same issue and treated with metronidozol. I would treat the whole tank since half of your fish are sick.

Look here for details. Dan


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Jim Cumming
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Re: Multiple Tomocichla Sieboldii with open sores?

Post by Jim Cumming » Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:14 pm

I have had the same problem with 'sieboldii' in the past. Given enough time, virtually every one I've had has died from that malady. It always showed up as a vertical lesion (first appears as a small wound with raised scales) on the front half of the body, just behind the gill plates and pectoral fins. This species seems to be very prone to it and is extremely virulent. I tried to treat it with a variety of meds but none were successful. I've had this appear infrequently with other species as well and to my recollection, only one time was treatment successful. Keeping the species under extremely "clean" conditions may be the key to avoiding it. I believe it is a bacterial infection most likely caused by flexobacter columnare (columnaris). One of the symptoms is open lesions, but if the condition is too far advanced, there is little chance of reversing it. I most recently lost two Paraneetroplus bulleri to it. Here's some info from one site:
**Bacterial diseases usually are from result of unsanitary tanks. To help prevent this disease, maintain water chemistry, or maintenance.
**Cloudy eyes, abscesses, open sores, rotting or inflamation of the skin, internal organs or fins, bulging eyes or rapid breathing are all symptoms of a possible bacterial disease.
**Nitrofuran or Kanamycin sulfate. There are also other packaged medications available such as: aureomycin, neomycin sulfate, tetracycline, oxytetracycline, nitrafurazone, nalidixic acid, and MaryOxy.
**Bacterial disease often confused with Fungus. Fuzzy puffs of columnaris appear on the fish's body. Found in tanks with poor water quality.
**Fuzzy puffs of columnaris around the gills, head, mouth, and in open sores and wounds. Close examination of the gills reveal erosion at the filament tips. Rapid breathing.
Good luck. Hope this helps
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Bas Pels
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Re: Multiple Tomocichla Sieboldii with open sores?

Post by Bas Pels » Fri Jan 25, 2013 1:44 am

I have no sieboldi yet, but I found that in case of too little waterchange - that is, too much biologic compunds in the water, the fish migh get these sores.

These sores are very hard to treat - look above - but relatively easy to prevent: just change more water.

Sieboldi, and all other cichlids from fast moving water, are adapted to this water, which does not hold much biological waste, and therefore can not contain much bacteria (I'm referring to bacteria which normally do not cause diseases) - these would starve, after all. A fish from a swamp on the other hand is living in water with lost of this stuff, and thus with lost of bacteria.

Apart from more water changes, I also found that keeping their tank free from wood, sparcely planted (and remouve dead leaves) also helps: this also keeps the biological load of the water low, preventing the bacteria from growing.

Rich Kastor
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Re: Multiple Tomocichla Sieboldii with open sores?

Post by Rich Kastor » Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:01 pm

Thank you all for your input. I have ended up with 4 that have the infection. I isolated them in a quaranteen tank. I was only able to find erythromycin which treats a variety of problems. Already within 6 hours I noticed an improvement. I will keep an eye on the others. I stepped up my water changes on their tank. I guess weekly just did not cut it.

Bas, I have kept them in fast moving water ( powerheads) and without wood from the beginning thanks to you. When I originally started with a group a few years ago you advised me about that. Thank you.

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Marko Lenac
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Re: Multiple Tomocichla Sieboldii with open sores?

Post by Marko Lenac » Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:42 am

There is only one remedie that helps 100%. Catch the fishes, put metronidazole powder for a while minutes on the wounds for 2-3 days. In the mean while make 2 cures with clout.

It is a parasite that occurs in the Tamasopo (J.M.A.A. article). In our tanks it came from fishes like white labridens. Latter you have to make a lot of water changes and prevent too much aggression.

I believe some of the parasites always stay alive in the tank and activate when is some of the parameter get worst. A few weeks ago I notices some Tamasopoensis got it, I put only clout and the wounds got better by them selves.

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Re: Multiple Tomocichla Sieboldii with open sores?

Post by henknaert » Sat Jul 26, 2014 11:14 pm

Upon returning from a holiday 4 weeks ago (3 weeks with limited feeding and no water changes...), I had a T. Sieboldii with a very similar sore on the side of the body, however the fish was still behaving actively and still eating. Due to lack of other medications I treated the food with Tetra Parasite Guard which amongst others contains metronidazole and acriflavin as well as deworming medication (didn't intend to deworm but it was the only medication I had at home with metro), and immediately did a 50% waterchange with a slight addition of salt (about 250gram on a 100 gallon tank), and the wound started healing up visibly within 2 to 3 days. I used one tablet of Tetra Parasite Guard for about 5 cubes of bloodworms, and fed this for 4 days, and repeated this a few days after the first round when I noticed a stagnation in the healing of the wound, and changed more water then. It took almost 2 weeks though, and several water changes with same salinity, for the wound to close up completely. Not sure though if it is the waterchanges or medication which eventually caused the wound to heal....maybe a combination of both? Summer here and can't get my water temperature below 30 degrees Celsius, which might also be a contributing factor, less than ideal water conditions I guess.

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