Mineral sediment and algae growth on the skin

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Mineral sediment and algae growth on the skin

Post by mermaid » Thu Jun 28, 2012 4:47 pm

What sort of measures one could undertake for maintaining healthy skin of scaleless fish?

As I have acquired and adult specimen of spiny freshwater eel it was having a fair amount of what appears as mineral sediment on his body. I was expecting it to clear in time as it is living now in “pristine” environment and not lurking among the slimy rocks of native african lake. It seems to be happening, but so slowly that the remaining sediment seems to be catching enough light to grow green algae on it.

I am not sure this is a healthy thing or is it completely harmless. It is known that often very old fish caught in fresh water reservoir has such growth. It is therefore obvious that such algae growth does not prevent the fish to achieve a respectable age. But it spoils the poor thing looks in a way. I wonder if something can be done (if anything should be done) to help the fish with skin cleansing. I would think the acidic and soft water could help to dissolve the sediment, but considering the hard waters of its natural habitat, I am not sure it would be a right thing.

Is there an answer to this problem?

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