Black Calvus Dying.....Looking For Treatment Ideas

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Black Calvus Dying.....Looking For Treatment Ideas

Post by Victorian_Votarist » Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:24 pm

Posting this for a friend who has a Black Calvus in perfect looking health but has trouble balance.

Today has been a sad day indeed. I love all my fish but right up there at the top are my beautiful Black Calvus. I have been patiently waiting for these guys to grow out, and it appeared…can't say for sure….that I had one male and two female. How perfect!!! Tonight I walk by the tank and noticed one of them laying on the bottom, very pale…aside from the colour all looked good. The fish was breathing fine, fins were fanned out, but then I noticed it was having some troubles keeping strait, wobbling back and forth. Looking around I can't see the other 2 which is very strange. After some looking around I found the first missing Calvus….dead. Based on the shape of the body it was hard to tell what had happened. Then I find the last one……again dead This fish however is in perfect condition……..and I mean perfect. There are no signs of damaged tissue, fins are perfect even fanned out as if he was posing, stomach is not bloated or sunken in….Im at a loss.

So now I have the first one I discovered in QT, colour came back but still struggling….the fish looks perfectly fine aside from the fact that she is struggling to swim and stay strait. I am hoping someone can help as I do not want to lose the last one.

So all other fish in the tank and fine, no indication of anything out of the ordinary. Housed with Leleupi and Frontosa. Last water change was a week ago at 50%. PH has remained steady since. Temp has not fluctuated and has been steady at 78. Did a water test and all was good.

I am very puzzled by all of this so if anyone has any thoughts at all please let me know.

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