External Parasites

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External Parasites

Post by jcunningham0295 » Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:10 pm

Does anyone know if the redness by my Hap Moori's fin is a sign of a parasite? Most the fish are flashing on the sand and then I noticed this redness on most of my Hap Moori's.
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Bojan Dolenc
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Re: External Parasites

Post by Bojan Dolenc » Sun Jan 08, 2012 1:20 am

Look at my male Cyrtocara moori, he also has this blush at the base of pectoral fins, this seems to be normal for them?
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Mike Wise
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Re: External Parasites

Post by Mike Wise » Mon Jan 09, 2012 10:45 am

'Flashing' can be caused my many things. More often than not it is due to an extreme pH value that caused irritation by the fish. Check to see if the pH is too low for your fish.

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