Advice needed, dovii going blind

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Advice needed, dovii going blind

Post by GuapoteChris » Sat Jun 04, 2011 5:42 pm

Hi, unfortunately, in defending his fry, the male wolf is very vicious, throwing himself at the glass in an attempt to scare anyone or anything that moves away. Trouble is that he has injured his eye on something, most likely a bit of wood. For a few days I noticed a small ring on the eye, with a slight indent. Today however I have noticed the whole eye to be clouding up and it is not looking too healthy. Furthermore I dont think he has total vision from that eye because when the bad eye is turned to me and I put my finger in front of the glass I get no reaction. As soon as he turns head on or with the other eye facing me its a different story.

Not had this problem before so I needed some advice. Is the clouding due to a bacterial infection in the eye? I am doing a very large water change at the moment, to help with the recovery. Do I need to add some medication, or maybe even separate him from the fry? Increase the temp? add salt? Has anyone had these symptoms in their fish before and did they recover? I don't know so any help appreciated.


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