Water & Sewer Usage to Take Into Consideration

by Brian Bolen (slimbolen99)
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Water & Sewer Usage to Take Into Consideration

Post by slimbolen99 » Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:29 pm

Some other considerations to take into place when building a large(r) fish room are water and sewer costs. In our municipality, the City outsources the water supply to a private company, the City also handles the storm drain maintenance; and the County handles the sewer/waste water treatment.

When I originally started construction of the fish room, I emailed the City and County to see where they wanted the waste water from the aquariums to go. The City responded "Send it down the sewer". The County responded "Send it down the storm drain"...essentially directing me to send the waste water down the other one's pipe. LOL. Well, after a conference call, it was determined it would be a better idea to send it down the sewer to the water treatment plant, since there was a likelyhood there would be pathogens and other organisms that could escape into the natural waterways.

Anyway, the reason I tell you that is because the Sewer bill is determined by your water usage here. Their theory is, what comes in, must go out, and for the most part, that is true. Where I lucked out is that after I get my rain barrel collection system going, I won't be paying for as much tap water, but I'll be sending the same amount of water down the sewer as I am right now...just don't tell the County that, please!

Below is a diagram outlining the costs of tap water (new water), and sewer drainage (old water) specific to my municipality. The idea is that if I do two 40% water changes per week on the 75 gallon tanks, and three 50% water changes on the 10 gallon tanks, this is what it would cost. Granted, there may be times I only do one water change per week per tank, but for the time being, I have been keeping up with this schedule.


As you can see, the fish room will consume approximately 70,000 gallons of water per year. That is quite an expense, and it is also not very ecologically friendly. My next project will be setting up eight rain water storage barrels tied together to collect and store rain water to be used from the spring to the fall. Obviously, the winters here in Kansas will prevent rain water collection and storage outdoors, but hopefully by catching that run-off, I can be a little more ecologically friendly.

Oh, and PS -- Please don't tell my wife about the higher water and sewer bills. I have her convinced it's because of our 1 year old son. :)

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