Wild Discus from Lake Tefe

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Ken Grimmett
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Wild Discus from Lake Tefe

Post by Ken Grimmett » Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:19 pm

What do the dark stripes mean on the Green Discus.
I have heard that they mean stress; I have heard that the lack of them means stress.

Here is what happen,
I fed three 6 inch discus some freeze dried Krill (cut up).
Shortly after the food hit the water. The largest Discus stripes went into negative color (not black - opposite - kind of grey). His size grew - fins fully extended. All colors came out bright. The other two went very black in the stripes.

After 30 seconds or so the "no stripe paired up with one of the other - this fish stripes went to barely dark. These two fish started picking on the other one to no end. Hitting it, ramming it, pushing it into a corner. The “no stripe” one took over this action totally while the other fish started eating off by its self.

After 5minutes of this constant abuse I pulled the abused fish out of the tank and moved it into a separate tank. Things went back to normal. The - now pair - have been more or less side-by-side since the removal. The abused fish is doing great in the other tank. All three fish are back to stripes and some color.

I have had these three for a month now. I think it was the first time I fed them the krill. They did not behave this way when I fed them black worms or flake.

Is this a pair forming up?
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