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Question regarding Hemichromis species

Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2007 8:23 pm
by Mark Smith
Does anyone know if the names Hemichromis exsul and Hemichromis angolensis represent valid species? In CLOFFA volume 4, H. exsul (spelled as "exul") is considered a synonym of H. letourneuxi, while CLOFFA does not appear to have H. angolensis under the Hemichromis section from pages 187 to 194.

I have recently noticed these two names under the Wikipedia entry for Hemichromis. It is true that the information on Wikipedia is often times erroneous, especially as they site Fishbase - a site with many errors in and of itself. Fishbase does list both species as valid, with H. exsul described by Trewavas in 1933 from Lake Turkana, and H. angolensis described by Steindachner in 1865 from Angola.

Any thoughts??

Re: Question regarding Hemichromis species

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 9:46 am
by Rico Morgenstern
Hemichromis angolensis Steindachner, 1865 appaers not to be a Hemichromis species but one of the Angolan haplochromines. It is however not identifiable. Greenwood (1984: "The haplochromine species [Teleostei, Cichlidae] of the Cunene and certain other Angolan rivers", on p. 231) stated the following: "The single type specimen of Steindachner's angolensis is now lost [...] and the true identity of the taxon is unlikely to be determined because the original description is totally inadequate für that purpose".

Hemichromis exsul (Trewavas, 1933) was synonymized with H. letourneuxi by Loiselle (1979: "A revision of the genus Hemichromis Peters 1858"), but appearently only on zoogeographical grounds, since Loiselle gave no indication to have examined the type material of exsul. The species is treated as valid in the Eschmeyer catalogue with reference to Seegers, L., L. De Vos and D. O. Okeyo (2003: "Annotated checklist of the freshwater fishes of Kenya (excluding the lacustrine haplochromines from Lake Victoria" J. East Afr. Nat. Hist. v. 92: 11-47), I have not seen this paper, but there are some comments on H. exsul in the Lamboj book "The cichlids of Western Africa", at least in the German edition, which point to the distinctness of the Lake Turkana Hemichromis from H. letourneuxi.

Re: Question regarding Hemichromis species

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:42 am
by Mark Smith
Thanks Riksch, for that awesome answer! It makes one wonder if H. exsul will ever be taken out of Loiselle's synonomy with H. letourneuxi once live Lake Turkanan specimens are ever examined.

Re: Question regarding Hemichromis species

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 10:41 pm
by nwfishgeek
H exsul and H letourneuxi are considered seperate species by Jaun Miguel. They are seperated in the calalog section of this site.