Dying Kribensis

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Dying Kribensis

Post by zalanz » Sun Dec 31, 2006 6:22 am

I have over the last few weeks lost 5 Kribensis.
Rio 190 tank with an external Fluval 2 running as well.t Tank

several guppies, Neons, 1 small loach, 1 small bn pleco, 1 red shark.
6 rumy nose tetras. pair of breeding Kribensis, who had successfully reared in the tank about 15 youngsters.

2 weeks ago I noticed the male Krib unusually at the top of the tank.
he seemed lifeless but still unmarked and very colourful.

He died next day.

I checked water and it was:
Nitrate levels around 60ppm
PH 7.8
Nitite 0
Ammonia 0
Hardness 16dh
Carbonate Hardness 3dh

I changed 30% water immediately

Next day the female was on her side at the bottom, lightly gasping. she died soon afterwards. Their Babies were still ok!

I bought a poly filter, and replaced 15 gallons with RO water. and added some stress zyme.

As the babies were still doing good as were the other fish, I purchased another pair of Adults.

One lasted 2 days and died with no visisble marks or reason.

The other is at the top of the tank!

I am desperate to find out what wrong.

Today the levels are:
Nitrate 35
Nitite 0
hardness 10dh
PH 7.5
KH 3.0
Ammonia 0


Bas Pels
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Post by Bas Pels » Sun Dec 31, 2006 8:06 am

As the fish do not seem to be ill but die very quickly, I can only thik of some kind of poisoning.

Your waterwalues do not seem to be the imediate problem (hardness and pH are both uncomfortably high for kribensis, just as many of the other fishes (as I'm not native to this language, many a name is new to me), but incorrect wate does not look like poison to the fishes)

Did you change anything in the tank - add something matal or so?

However, as the youngh ones remain alive (and looking healthy) poisoning does not seem logical (young animals are much more sensitive to all poisons than adults)

Sorry I can not help you further. Still, the above thoughts might inspire someone else further. Thus this posting

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Post by retro_gk » Tue Jan 02, 2007 2:00 pm

Your nitrates are fairly high. I'd also increase aeration. I've had a couple of instances of adults gasping at the surface while the fry seemed unaffected. Increased aeration always took care of that.

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