Konia Eisentrauti

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Konia Eisentrauti

Post by Tom Williams » Mon Oct 30, 2006 9:25 am

Well after much trying and coaxing, this summer my Konia have finally come up trumps. They are nearly full grown at 5inches and sporting attractive if somewhat subtle colours, the blue lips and green back being particularly attractive. The sexes are very similar though i can tell my females as her genital pore is constantly showing.

I have only witnessed one actual spawning which left about 12 huge greenish eggs. These were immediately taken up by the female. The female now continues to eat whilst holding, though when she was smaller she would fast for the entire period.

The spawning trio i had reduced to a duo which now spawn every few weeks, with normally the female holding. She holds for up to six weeks and has spawned whilst holding, on which occasion the male held the new eggs! After the six weeks she releases fry which are huge! Often over 1cm in length. I always assume that these are eaten but have seen increasingly large baby konia swimming sureptitiously amongst the rocks. The parents never seem to offer buccal shelter to fry, this maybe explains why they are held so long and to such a size.

In one tank i have a collony of around 12 and in another are maybe 4 but probably more which i have been unable to catch and transfer (they dive into the rocks or the filters).

I am glad i tried these fish as they are realy characters and make a fascinating collony to observe. I guess i now have in the region of maybe 20 and will soon be able to pass a few more on if there are any interested parties.

Hopefully the endangered species of Barombi will become more widely kept by hobbyists at some time soon.

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