Sarotherodon linnelli and caroli

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Sarotherodon linnelli and caroli

Post by Piotr Koba » Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:50 am


I would like to iron out one question that keeps me confused. From some readings (I am talking mostly about Lamboj 2004) I found that Sarotherodon species in which males turn black when sexually active, is Sarotherodon linnelli. But I have never seen a picture of such animal. Moreover, I discovered on the CRC website, and this paper (See Figure 1, showing the phylogenetic tree of Barombi Mbo cichlids) ... EJNeIPZt.2
that the species which is black is actually S. caroli. This species seem to remain smaller, has more ovoid body shape, smaller mouth with lips that are not as thick as it is observed in S. linneli.
What made me even more confused was this video:
For me, judging from at least the pictures from those two above mentioned sources, it is caroli, not linnelli. What are other's opinions? I am sure I haven't discovered a New America :lol: Hoewever, it would but great to make sure what species I am looking at. I am pretty sure that descriptions of those two species in Dr. Lamboj's book (and comparison of them with the CRC Catalog photos) are partially gilty of this little mess - at least for me. Additionaly, in "Die Buntbarsche Der Kameruner Kraterseen" Dr. Schliewen points out two species are difficult to tell apart. Which I would not agree with, as they seem to be clearly distinguishable, even on the basis of body shape and mouth structure.

Last but not least - is it possible to differentiate between juveniles of S. linnelli and S. caroli?

Thanks In Advance

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