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by Tom Williams
Fri May 12, 2006 9:06 am
Forum: Madagascar Cichlids
Topic: Paretroplus ventitry
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As far as i am aware Paul Loiselle got some of these fish into the USA. They are not a valid species at the moemnt and are undescribed. Best to refer to them as Paretroplus sp. nov. 'Ventriti' or Paretroplus sp. affin Damii. It is unlikely that they have been spawned and are available as very few Ma...
by Tom Williams
Fri Apr 21, 2006 10:13 am
Forum: General Cichlids
Topic: Largest cichlid in the world.
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Bulk wise, Caquetia Umbriferus which has been reported at 30" (about 80cm) would out do cichla as would a very large Dovii... I worry about any length reported by Fishing societies as it likely includes caudal fin, standard fish length do not. If we include tails, Boulengerochromis easily tops 1 met...

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