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Pacu Man
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New Member (Love Cichlids)

Post by Pacu Man » Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:28 pm

Hey, I think this site is great and I'm sure I'll be using it a lot. At the moment I have 3 tanks that have been running for 2-3 yrs. A 30 gallon is home to a Bumblebee who has all the color it had when I first brought him or her home (bright yellow with very dark vertical stripes) awesome fish.I want to give it some company but I don't know if it would tolerate company or not and I don't know if I should even try.What do you think?I have a 3 yr. old Jack Dempsey in a 40 gallon ,I think I will leave him to be a loner .He is very aggressive and I don't think he is the social type. I have a 75 gallon community tank with some platies,Danios,mollies,2 common pleco's,some red and black swordtails 2 banded severums(at least that was what the LFS called them),and 1 Blue Gourami.They all get along real good. I've got a DIY 40 gallon that I plan to house a group of 6-8 dwarf cichlids in until they hopefully pair up ,then I will try breeding them.I really enjoy fishkeeping and I am glad I found this site.Until tomorrow,happy fishkeeping and good luck to all.

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Re: New Member (Love Cichlids)

Post by Pam Chin » Mon Jan 26, 2009 9:23 pm

Hi Pacu Man,

The scientific name for your Bumble bee is Psuedotropheus cabro, they are neat fish, and if you only have a 30 gal tank, it is going to be best if you leave him alone. They can be quite aggressive in smaller aquariums, especially after he has already has this tank to himself. It is doubtful that he would let anyone else live in there.

Jack Dempsey's are fun and they do fine by themselves also.

Your community tank sounds nice too!

You are on your way to being addicted to cichlids like the rest of us!

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