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mouth rot

Post by stingyraisin » Thu Nov 24, 2005 10:49 am

Dear Pam,

I recently had to break down my tank and restart due to hurricane katrina. The tank has been set up for about 45 days and all was well. I woke up this morning and found that my Hap Moori had mouth rot and my Sunshine Peacock has it on the dorsal fin I have had a problem with this in the past and know that if it is not treated soon all fish will eventually perish. Please recommend a treatment that will cure this problem.

Derek Holmes

Pam Chin
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Post by Pam Chin » Thu Nov 24, 2005 7:59 pm

Hi Derek,

It is not possible to diagnose fish with out actually seeing them. Treating with the wrong medication can be worse then no medication. It is bad enough when I kill my own fish let alone someone elses, so I am always hesitant.

Just make sure you water is clean, and increase your water changes. Treat with something that is for a fungus if you are sure thats what it is.

I hope you can cure it this time.

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