Yellow lab death - black stripes?

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Yellow lab death - black stripes?

Post by Labfan » Sun Sep 18, 2005 12:26 pm

I lost one of my yellow labs the other day, totally unexpected. IT seemed as if he developed dark stripes very quickly, and then died. Now, I have two more that appear to also have black stripes (overall, getting darker) and they are getting harassed by the others. Worried.

I've heard that some derivations of Yellow Labs develop the black stripes more than others, so initially I didn't think much of it. Now I'm concerned - perhaps bloat? Any ideas? Notice no other symptoms. Thanks.

50 gallon:
10 Yellow Labs
3 small P. acei
1 small P. socolofi
2 Synodontis eupterus
1 Synodontis batesi (strange fellow)
Fluval 303, AC 300

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Post by Pam Chin » Sun Sep 18, 2005 8:39 pm

Hi Labfan,

Yellow labs don't normally show any striping unless they are stressed out. Stress can cause bloat, and so you need to really look at your set up and try to decide what might be causing it. Yellow labs usually get along with most any fish you put them in with, and I see your list of fish, and don't see any real red flags there. The next question would be your water changing practices, how often do you change your water and how much. Next be your water conditions, what is your pH, what is your Temperature. Next is what you are feeding them, and are you over feeding?? It is really hard to diagnose fish with out actually seeing them, and sometimes it is trial and error to figure out what the problem might be. How long have the fish been together, are any of them new additions, these are questions you need to answer too.

Keep in mind that bloat is a catch all phrase that we use, it could be parasites, a bacterial infection, or a blockage. Treating with wrong meds can be worse then not treating at all, so it is important to figure out the cause, because even if you are able to cure them, it will come back if you don't figure out what was causing the stress. It may take some detective work, and usually through the process of elimination you can hopefully figure it out.
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