A question about Bloat?

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A question about Bloat?

Post by kodak » Wed Oct 06, 2004 11:42 pm

I was just wondering if you could answer this question.The question is :I havent put any new fish into my tank for quite some time and I noticed some stringy poop,So I figured that I have been slacking on water changes(for sure).I have a 130g so I changed 42g night the 1st night and fed them a lot of lettuce and afetr some spirulina flake most are pooping thick long lettuce and others are inbetween regular color and some stringy. 2nd night I changed 24g and cleaned all the poop out of the tank,floating or on the sand under and behind rocks.I also fed more lettuce and small amount of spirulina flake.They are all excepting food greedy like.I do see some decrease in anal swelling though it wasnt that bad in the first place or it might be normal because I dont feed my fish alot so the stomaches are flat or on the slightest bit of the hungry looking side.They seem normal and I am keeping a close eye on them,also what about a bit of garlic oil squeezed into some floating pellet?I will continue to do small water changes of 24g every 2nd day for 10 days?I am only feeding veggie to clean the intestines?Thanks.Clayton.

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Post by Pam Chin » Thu Oct 07, 2004 9:41 pm

Hi Clayton,

Bloat can mean several things. But the common dedominator of bloat is stress. If you have dodged this bullett, it will only be temporary, as when you go back to your regular routine, it will show up again. Keeping your fish on a spirulina diet it not a bad thing. One of the biggest causes of bloat is overfeeding, so an all veggie diet is fine. It is only when you want to get your fish into breeding condition, that you might want to consider feeding higher protein foods, providing they are the species that can handle this.

I have found that preventative maintenance is the best key to preventing bloat, and at the top of the list are water changes. You can't change your water too much, so work your fish up to larger water changes, they will certainly appreciate it. Changing 10 or 30 percent is only diluting the problem. No more food then they can eat in a couple of minutes no more than twice a day. Growing algae on the back of your tank and rocks helps, not only does this provide good food, but also gives them something to do!

Keep up what you are doing, and observing your fish is really the key. No one knows your fish better than you.
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