fish spitting food

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fish spitting food

Post by Trevor26 » Thu Feb 26, 2015 3:53 am

i have wild mbuna tank and keep getting the same problem, just had two callinos ruarwe females spitting two days running on the second day of trying to catch the second female with a net,during that time i seen another fish spit a load of flakes this must be at least 45 minutes after a feed.
i live in the u.k any help would be great currently treating the tank now with octozin.

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Re: fish spitting food

Post by Pam Chin » Thu Feb 26, 2015 7:55 pm

Hi Trevor,

With out all the facts and not being able to see the fish in person, I can only speculate.... It really depends on how long you have had these fish. I don't worry about wild fish spitting food if I have only had them a few days. I have never used octozin? So I am not sure what that is for?

If you have had these for a long time and they are just starting to spit food then that could be a whole separate issue. Usually most issues are from stress. So you have to figure out what is causing the stress, because you will think it is cured, but then it just comes back again. This stress can cause bacterial issues, or parasites that are in the fish naturally to bloom. Or they can actually have a blockage. But most hobbyist agree spitters usually have a sunken stomach or will get a one and it is most likely parasites.

I am not a fish doctor and I feel really bad when I kill my own fish, so take a good look at the tank and make sure they are not getting pushed around, they don't have to be beat up, a lot of stress is mental. I hate to medicate until I know exactly what they have, the wrong meds can be worse then no meds.

Always best to do some extra water changes.

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