Sick Silver Aro

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Sick Silver Aro

Post by coolsteve » Wed Nov 18, 2009 6:06 pm

Dear Pam,

My silver aro is not doing well, its gone off its food for a week now.. its partially blind in one eye and the other eye is completely damaged by fights

It is currently living with smaller cichlids like bocourtis, marbled fenies and some angelfish. Previously it was in tank with fishes bigger or same to its size

Is there any meds that i could introduce to get its appetite back on track.. its color is fine, swimming action is good, nothing to say that its sick

I have kept numerous silvers in the past, just this one deems a challenge to get it back to full steam ahead

Fed peeled prawns, whitebait, hikari food sticks but still no appetite.. i will try mealworms next

Could you advise what i should do to get it going?


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Re: Sick Silver Aro

Post by Pam Chin » Wed Nov 18, 2009 9:00 pm

Hi Steve,

Unfortunatley you don't say how big this guy is, but generally speaking I don't worry about fish that don't eat for a week. Especially when it comes to a large predator, they can easily go a week at a time with out eating. The foods you have picked are all okay, maybe he is just not hungry. I would increase your water changes, this can help increase appetite.

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