Very Sick Oscars -- Need House Visit Referral in MD

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Very Sick Oscars -- Need House Visit Referral in MD

Post by Lpb52 » Sun Jul 22, 2007 5:44 pm

Hi. We have a family member who is a fish aficionado, who has fallen ill and hasn't been able to care for her fish properly for some time now, although she won't admit it and would resent the assistance. Her two red oscars, both 8 to 10 inches long, have been drooping a long time now, and we fear one of them is dying. This one has always been the beta of the two, he's barely swimming, swirling round and round when caught in the bubbles, curled up and lopsided. You can see the lower fins working somewhat, and his mouth opening, his gills moving slightly, but he's not in good shape. The other one is sluggish too, not wanting to move. They used to be very aggressive when you'd pass with the food bag, now they're not reacting at all. They are covered, in varying degrees, with a thin whitish webby looking substance, like spider cobweb trails, in places.

When this relative was better, she did change the tank water, and had medicated them when they had stuff on their eyes, and they seemed to get better. We know absolutely nothing about fish, and the few times I've ever had a tank, my pet shop goldfish died, so I'm afraid to touch them. Does anyone know of a referral in our area for a fish doctor who would make a housecall while she's at work? I hate to see the animals suffer, but I can't afford to pay much for this. I will likely call a few local pet stores tomorrow, but I'm afraid to call the Humane Society -- do they even deal in fish rescue?

Anyway, I'd appreciate any referrals in the Rockville, Gaithersburg, Olney areas in Maryland where folks with at least some expertise in oscars would make a housecall to diagnose the problem, clean the tank, and medicate them. The other family members want an end to the fish, and their owner is under painkillers for a serious physical condition, so, while I've pointed out the problem, she's not responding as she normally would under healthy conditions.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Very Worried

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Re: Very Sick Oscars -- Need House Visit Referral in MD

Post by Pam Chin » Mon Jul 23, 2007 8:35 pm

Sorry to hear about your predicament. You have several options. You can do a water change your self, and then treat with Maracide, for external parasitic infections, you should be able to find this med at your local fish store. You could also call an aquarium maintenance company in your area. You should be able to find one in the yellow pages, they should be able to help you also. A third option would be to contact someone at the local aquarium society. I know there is one in the DC area; Potomac Valley (

Good luck!
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